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Natural "Fishermen's Soap" with Organic Coconut Oil

Natural "Fishermen's Soap" with Organic Coconut Oil

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A unique bar specially formulated to lather in salt water, making it the perfect gift for that fishermen or crabber in your life! No fragrance has been added, it's just pure soap, made with coffee, coffee grounds, and coconut oil. A powerful clean to remove bait residue! 

Our bars produce a luxurious lather unlike anything you can find at your local store. We offer soaps made with beer, soaps made with coffee, and regular plain jane soaps. These bars range from 3 oz to 4 oz, and last for a long time. You can extend the life of your bar by standing it on its end and allowing it to dry between uses. Our fragrances change frequently, and we make new soaps all the time. Whatever your scent preferences, we have something you are sure to love! 

Full list of ingredients for our "Fishermen's Soap" bar:
Organic Coconut Oil
Sodium Hydroxide
Organic Coconut Milk
Ground Coffee

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