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Natural "Patchouli" Handmade Soap with Dark Patchouli Essential Oil

Natural "Patchouli" Handmade Soap with Dark Patchouli Essential Oil

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This fragrance is a warm, spicy, earthy and herbaceous with floral-sweet notes. It's Patchouli the way Patchouli should be. This bar is handcrafted in small batches via the hot process method of soap making. Because we do make small batches, your bars color may vary from white to light tan. 

This particular soap bar is one of our vegan options and contains no colorants. 

We know everyone loves a great deal, and we love to make our customers happy. So don't forget that we offer a "4 for $20" special that you can mix and match and customize to your personal preference! You can pick any of our beer, wine, coffee, or regular soap bars, any of our 4 oz lotions, or a shampoo or condition bar, and the discount will be automatically added to your cart at check out. You must choose at least 4 for the discount to apply!! 

Our bars produce a luxurious lather unlike anything you can find at your local store. We offer soaps made with beer, soaps made with coffee, and regular ole' fashioned soaps. These bars are a minimum of 4 oz (113g), with most weighing closer to 4.5oz. 

Extend the life of your bar by standing it up on its end between uses and allowing it to dry out. If you like exfoliation while you shower, pair this bar with our sisal bags. The bag not only exfoliates your skin, but also helps your bars to last longer!  

This bar is made with:
Olive Oil
Organic Coconut Oil
Palm Oil
Sodium Hydroxide
Organic Coconut Milk
Dark Patchouli Essential Oil 

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