Why add a handmade beer soap to your skincare routine?

Why add a handmade beer soap to your skincare routine?

It is not uncommon for me to lug out my soaps, lotions, and potions and do as many as four events a week during the summer. And it never fails, at least one person at every event asks me "Why beer?"

My soaps have a novelty aspect that others don't because I use local beers and have the breweries permission to use their names on my labels. Also, almost every other soaper in my area does the same thing- cold process goat's milk soap. And there's not a single thing wrong with that. It's good soap, I won't lie. But I didn't want to be one of many- I wanted my soap to stand out. So I did some research, and come to find out, beer is REALLY good for you skin. Beer and "B.A.D. Soap Shop" seemed to go hand in hand, so I figured why not? 

Several studies have shown that beer, and the hops and brewers yeast in, is very beneficial to your skin, due to its cleansing properties and the vitamins and minerals it contains. It can help redness from certain skin conditions because of its anti-inflammatory properties as well as from acne, because it can help eliminate breakouts to begin with. The silica in the barley is an essential mineral for collagen production, so it can actually help to increase your collagen production giving your skin a younger, firmer look. It can hydrate your skin because of the water content it has. Beer can actually help fight the signs of aging! 

And while is not recommended that you crack open your favorite cold one and pour it on your face- you can do exactly that with your hair. It is AMAZING for your hair, and you can use it as a quick hair rinse a few times a month. But we don't recommend putting straight beer on your face as sometimes it can actually harm sensitive skin. Instead look for products, like our beer soaps, that have the perfect blend of beer and oils to ensure you get that beautiful glow you are searching for! 

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