What is The B.A.D. Soap Shop?

What is The B.A.D. Soap Shop?

What is the B.A.D. Soap Shop? If you have a moment, I'll explain.

 Our story began in 2017, shortly after the passing of my 13 year old son. After his death, I fell into soap making, and it became a therapy for me, my 12 year old daughter, and my mother. Back then, I called my company "Boog & Bec". Boog was short for Boogie, a nickname given to my son in his toddler years, and Bec short for my daughter's name. Our slogan was "In loving memory of my son, and for a brighter future for my daughter". That's what soaping was then- a glimmer of light, showing us laughter and fun could still be had even with him gone.

 Fast forward to today, and our family has a new little helper, born in 2021. Staying home with her has enabled me to get back into soap making. We revamped and rebranded to include our new addition into our business. The best name I could come up with at the time was B.A.D. Becca was my original helper, Adalyn is the new tiny boss lady, and Dennis is my red headed angel who I miss tremendously.

 Since we ended up the B.A.D. Soap Shop, we figured why not go all in?? Our main line of soap is created with beer from some of our favorite breweries in our area. Beer is incredibly good for your skin and is very similar to a goat's milk soap. But the sugar in the beer makes a lot of bubbles in the shower, and that's really why people like it. We also have a line of coffee soaps, made with coffee from our local Gaia Coffee Co. And we are slowly added a line of wine soaps from local wineries. In our area, our soaps are known for not only being great for your skin, but also as a great novelty item- we have customers who shop depending on the brewery or winery the bar is made from. We have customers who buy a beer soap for a friend who likes to bar hop. We have customers who purchase a wine soap to pass along to a winery owner in their state. You get the idea.

 But most importantly, our bars are created with your skin in mind. Yes, beer and coffee are great for your skin. But our base recipe is simple- olive oil, organic coconut oil, and palm oil. Each of these oils separately are wonderful for your skin, but together, they create a hard, long-lasting bar that leaves your skin soft and nourished. Our bars last about 4 to 6 weeks in the shower on average, depending on the amount of people using it and how you care for it. None of these bars contain any of the harsh chemicals found in most store bought soaps. It's a difference you can see and feel!

To explain the photo I've attached to this blog post- This is a tattoo I sport on my left wrist. Dennis Lee had a heart condition from birth. This is why this heart is the one I chose. And every night before bed, I've always told my children "I love you with all my whole heart". It's the last thing I said to him. To make this tattoo even more heart felt, it contains his ashes. So he is with me every where I go. 

Should you have any questions at all, you can email me at BadSoapShop@gmail.com. 

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